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As of February 21, Costa Rica will require an entry visa for Venezuelan nationals, and in this way migration can be ordered and regulated from the exit of their countries of origin, either for transit purposes or destination in Costa Rica. Delicious. Likewise, a transit visa will also be established for nationals of Cuba and Nicaragua.

The airport transit visa for Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela is established in order to ensure that the different airlines bound for Europe and the United States can transfer these foreigners safely, since our country promotes an orderly and dignified migration.

Lineamientos Visas Venezuela y Visas Tránsito Cuba, Nicaragua y Venezuela



Embassy of Costa Rica

The Embassy of Costa Rica in United Kingdom is part of the Ministry of Foreign Relations and Worship of Costa Rica. The Embassy coordinates and manages political affairs, trade, tourism, education, health and international relations between both countries and concurrent Embassies.

In what cases is the Embassy not authorized to act?

  1. Charging for a service, except for the established consular fees
  2. Acting as or recommending lawyers, translators, interpreters or tour operators
  3. Interfering with Judicial Affairs
  4. Finding employment and residence in United Kingdom
  5. Discussing Costa Rican visa cases which already have been settled
  6. Providing information about entry, visas or residence in the Unites States
  7. Obtaining birth certificates
  8. Requesting drivers licenses
  9. Providing financial support (including tickets and transportation)
  10. Finding U.K. citizens in Costa Rica

23 Woodstock Street, Mayfair, W1C 2AS London

+44 (0) 20 7629 3111

Emergencias: +44 (0) 7471 653580